14 Best Wix Templates

Wix, one of the most popular website builders is particularly famous for its stunning templates.

With over 500 professionally designed Wix website templates, the website builder offers its clients stunning themes some of which are free and what’s more – these themes are particularly designed for almost every category including business, photography, video, music, design, restaurants and food, travel and tourism, portfolio and CV, blog, health and wellness, beauty and hair, fashion and style, community and education, creative arts, landing pages and more.

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Wix keeps updating its templates regularly. That means you are going to get more creative and innovative template designs over time.

However, the more choices you have the more careful you are when selecting a template. The reason being once you’ve selected a template, you can’t change it and select another without running the risk of losing all of your content. 

That however does not mean that you can’t make changes to the existing template. The theme can be edited to the extent that you can change the entire template and give it a personalized look. Wix also offers a blank template that you can use to create everything from scratch. All the Wix templates are desktop as well as mobile responsive. 

This blog lists a few of the most popular templates that would best suit your business needs in 2020.

Wix Website Templates

Art Gallery (Wix Signature Template)

Art Gallery (Wix Signature Template)
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/2162)

Artists! Let your work speak for you. The “Art Gallery” is a designer template by Steve Wolf. It is designed in such a way where you can show your artwork without being messy with text.

The template does not have an image caption; however, if a user brings the cursor on the image it will show the image or art/painting caption.

Comprising three pages, this template is simple and sleek. You can add your work on the home page. Write about who you are and what you want the users to do. 

Moreover, add contact information so your user could get in touch with you.

Portfolio (Wix Signature Template)

Portfolio (Wix Signature Template)
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/2150)

The “Portfolio” is also a designer template made by Jessie Bearden. You can also show your artwork with a single page by adding different sections.

The fold area consists of the artist’s name. Rest of the page body consists of artwork images, artist’s introduction, text section (you can add quotes or text of your choice) and contact information.

The template’s colors perfectly match with the concept of being an artist where the artwork is displayed on a very light greyish colour.

Vintage Car Garage

Vintage Car Garage
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1732)

Vintage car garage templates come under the umbrella of most popular templates of Wix.

It perfectly suits you, if you want your target audience to book your services online.  

The template has six pages. Two of them are site pages, the other two are member pages and rest two are booking pages.

The home page of this template consists of the service’s name & logo section (the fold area), the introduction of the services that you offer, the work that you have done, about us section and contact information.  

The second site page of the template is “Book online” where you can schedule your consultation.

Wix Blog Templates

The following are two of the most popular blog templates.

Traveller Blog

Traveller Blog
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1845)

This is one of the most popular templates when it comes to travelling. It is quite a comprehensive travelling blog theme if you plan to create a related website. 

The template has six site pages and two blog pages. It would let you add a good mix of images and texts as well.

The home page is neatly designed encapsulating the entire site in a nutshell. 

You can write your introduction in the “About” page. Here you can add details of why you started this blog and how your journey has been so far and what your future plans are, etc.  

Moreover, there are different pages for “Travel”, “Eat” and “Relax” blog posts. So, visitors/readers can directly go to the page, they want to read about.

Food Blog

Food Blog
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1719)

This is a straight and simple template for food bloggers. There are three site pages i.e. home, blog and about. 

This template is ideal for: 

  • Bloggers, 
  • Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Photographers 
  • Chefs 
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants 
  • Cooks

This template’s strongest point is its clean, minimalistic look, which is easy-to-use for blogging purposes. 

Family Photographer

Family Photographer
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1839)

If you are a professional family photographer and want to create your business site with Wix, this template could be the most suitable for you.

The family photographer template has seven site pages, two member pages and two booking pages.

Its homepage has a portfolio of photographs. You can click and view the complete image. Moreover, you can like these images (by clicking the heart) and share on social media as well.

With this template you can categorize your photography. For example, from baby pictures to family photographs, you can categorize them all.  

Furthermore, on the “Bio” page you can add your introduction and contact information. For online reservations, “Book a Session” page is available.

You can add your work gallery to “Client Area”, so your potential customers could see your work.

Actor and Model Resume

Actor and Model Resume
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1887)

If you are an actor, model or a TV personality, this template could be used to make your online profile. This is an innovative way to let people know about yourself.  

Clean and bright, this template lets you add your bio, resume, and a photo gallery.  

The homepage is divided into sections. There is a section about where you can add your introduction and career milestones you have achieved. 

Moreover, there is a gallery section to showcase your work. The homepage ends with “contact information” that consists of a message form, address and social media links.


(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1709)

This template is ideal for dieticians, nutritionists and life coaches. The color theme is closer to nature that perfectly suits the persona of a nutritionist. 

The template offers a fully integrated booking engine to create a variety of different appointments. Furthermore, there’s a blog page which lets you keep your followers informed of your latest activities. You can also post your recipes and benefits of eating natural food etc., here. 

You can share the details of your services. Let your clients know which services you are offering and how much you charge for them. This template would also let you create the member’s account.

Spirit Festival

Spirit Festival
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/2489)

The spirit festival is a new addition to Wix’s over 500 templates. This one-page template is ideal for event managers, festival organizers and media companies. 

This template is the modern day answer to passing out flyers in the street to let people know of your upcoming event. With the help of this template, Wix Video lets you release teasers of your event and share its highlights. Wix Events, on the other hand, makes it easy to sell tickets and manage your guest list.

True Crime Podcast

True Crime Podcast
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/2471)

Perfect for podcasters, journalists and storytellers, this template is equally good for starting any kind of podcast.

This template is content-driven, which is perfect for you if you are a storyteller. Wix Podcast makes it easy to upload and manage your entire collection of episodes.

The Artist

The Artist
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/748)

The theme’s look and feel and aesthetics tell you everything about it. It is a piece of art in itself.

You can show your artwork not only through the gallery but also through the theme images. Add your artwork and let your followers know about your exhibition date and venue.

This template consists of five pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Creatures
  • Landscapes
  • Contact  

This template is specifically designed for creatives, artists and other such professionals.

Coming Soon Landing Page

Coming Soon Landing Page
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1896)

The coming soon landing page is a one-page template that best suits you if you are about to launch a site, product or some exciting offer. 

The whole page would be able to convey complete information about your launch. The fold area displays a dummy clock with the message of coming soon.

The other section gives information about the company that is launching a new site or product, etc. This section is also focused on generating leads before launch.

Cap Hats

Cap Hats
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/2119)

One of the most popular online store templates. It has almost every important page that an online store would require. With the help of its almost 26 pages, you would be able to launch a complete online store.

The main pages include Home, Shop, About Us, Contact, FAQ, Store policy, Shipping & Returns and Blog.

There are 12 member pages, 2 blog pages, 3 store pages and 1 light box (menu).

Professional CV

Professional CV
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1893)

Introduce yourself in a creative way. Professional CV is an amazing yet simple website template consisting of only one page. Consider using this template if you’re a student, recent graduate, or a professional. 

With a section fully devoted to your education and career history, this template has the potential to stand out your CV and make it look the best it has ever been.

Best Wix Templates: Conclusion

Wix is one of the most popular website builders and for a good reason. Its large variety of templates, some of which are free, are simple yet elegant and serve a host of people spanning over many different industries.

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