Wix is a cloud-based development platform established back in 2006. It has a user base of over 150 million users across 190 countries. No matter what your expertise is Wix enables you to create beautiful websites backed by strong Wix customer service.

It provides multiple channels to get help from their support team. Some of the ways are quick to access help while others need patience and persistence. However, this article discusses these customer service channels and shares effective tips to get quick Wix customer service.

Following are various ways you can get in touch with Wix customer support team

Wix Help Center

Wix help center has a comprehensive knowledge base addressing issues with step-by-step guides or detailed video tutorials. The knowledge base covers the entire range starting from simplest issue of “getting started with Wix” to more technical aspects.

Following is the Wix customer service range it covers in its knowledge base:

Account Support
➤ Getting started
➤ Managing your Account
Technical Support
➤ Wix Editor ➤ Site Members ➤ SEO (Get found on Google)
➤ Domains ➤ Wix Mobile App ➤ Wix Store
➤ Mail Boxes ➤ Wix ADI ➤ Wix Restaurants
➤ Ascend by Wix ➤ Corvid By Wix ➤ Wix Audios
➤ Managing your Site ➤ Wix Bookings ➤ Wix Hotels
➤ The Mobile Editor ➤ New Wix Blog ➤ Wix Photography
➤ Technical Difficulties ➤ Wix Data ➤ Wix Video
➤ Accepting Payments ➤ Paid Plans ➤ Old Wix Blog
➤ Marketing tools and Analytics ➤ Wix Email Marketing ➤ Wix Forum
➤ Managing your Media ➤ Wix Multilingua ➤ Wix Events
Billing Details
➤ Billing
➤ Premium Plans
About Wix
➤ Apps made by Wix
➤ Wix Logo Maker
➤ Wix App Market
➤ App Builders
➤ Wix Partners
➤ Wix Support
➤ Wix Answers
➤ Features Updates

You can get access to Wix knowledge base through this link:

Using Wix help center is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get access to Wix support.

So, how to use Wix help center? All you need to write your query in the search bar that appears in the fold area. A drop down will appear with suggestions. If you find an exact match to your query, click it. If you do not find the result in the drop-down list then click “See all results” to retrieve all available data related to your keywords.

Moreover, use short and focused words to search for your queries instead of using sentences. For example, you can use “Managing Blogs” instead of “I am trying to manage blogs”. It would help you to get more precise results

2. Submit a Ticket

Though knowledge base is comprised of useful information related to every possible feature of Wix you might still have some points where you need more help. To get help from the Wix support team you can submit a ticket to them. Through submitting the ticket you can inquire about the following categories:

  • Billing, charges & Subscriptions
  • Domains
  • Mailboxes
  • Editor, ADI & Live Sites
  • Account & Sites Setting
  • SEO, Marketing tools and Analytics
  • Wix Sores
  • Accepting Payments
  • Wix Media
  • Get a professional designer
  • Other

How to submit a ticket on Wix?

Note: Make sure you login with your Wix account before submitting the ticket

Step 1:Choose Category

Choose a category you need help with. Once you would select the category it would automatically lead to step 2Contact Wix SupportStep 2 :Choose your specific issue

This step would want you to be more precise selecting the options from the drop-down list

Wix SupportsStep 3: Click to contact

Using the above information, Wix would offer you a solution in this step. If you still need help click the link “Click to contact” to submit a ticket

Step 4: Submit Ticket

In this step, you can submit your ticket and can get customer support via email

  • Click “Submit a ticket”
  • Enter your email address
  • Write down the details you need help with
  • You can add file (max. 5MB) with your query. It could be document, audio, video or any image/screenshot explaining the support team about an issue you need help with.

Following is the recommended file format:

Documents pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, and xlsx
Images jpeg, jpg, png, gif, ico, bmp, and tiff
Audio wav, aif, aifc, aiff, mp3, mpga, mpg, mpa, gsd, gsm, au, and snd
Video mp4
Others csv and xml
  • Once you are done with all the steps click “Submit a ticket”
  • If you have premium or VIP Wix account, you would receive premium/VIP Wix support. Submit a ticket through your premium/VIP account your “ticket” would be placed in premium/VIP ticket queue. This would help you receive a faster reply from the support team

Click the button and follow the steps to submit a ticket: 


  • Add as much detail as possible to make the support team understand your query, otherwise you may end up getting generic knowledge base link
  • Make sure you select the correct category related to your issue to get the right support member on board
  • Opening more than one ticket on the same topic could slow down the response rate from the support team
  • If you are attaching any credit card details with the ticket, make sure you conceal full credit card number, leaving only 4 digits visible

Contacting Wix over Phone Call:

Wix customer support team can be accessed via phone call. However, Wix does not take live calls, you get a call back from their customer support member.

Whereas, you can schedule a callback either by calling on Wix phone number that is 1-800-6000-WIX (949) or using the website.

Wix offers on-call customer support in multilingual such as English, Fresch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. However, help could be required at any time that is why Wix English phone calling services are available 24/7. However, below is the time schedule for customer support over call in other languages

Language Calling Hours
French Monday-Friday from 9 am-6 pm GMT+2
Italian Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm GMT+1
Portuguese Monday-Friday from 5 am-5 pm PST
Spanish Monday-Friday from 3 am-8 pm EST
  • To book a call back with Wix customer support via web application you need to follow the below steps:

Note: You need to log in with your Wix account to book a callback 

Step 1: Choose Category

  • Select category you need help with over a phone call

Wix Support Phone CallStep 2: Choose your specific issue

  • Be more specific about your query by choosing from drop-down options in this step

wix customer supportStep 3: Click to contact

  • Wix tries to solve your issue in step using the knowledge base

Step 4: Request Callback

  • In this step, you can book a callback from an agent
  • Select your country
  • Enter your phone number
  • Write your query in 1 sentence you need help with over a call
  • You can book a call back here:
  • According to Wix, it takes 2-3 minutes to their support team to call you back

Email Support

The email might be an efficient way for customers to submit queries but a perception of late response is associated with it. At times customers get confused as if their request/query is being received or not.  To avoid such confusion Wix sends an automated response to receipt your email and provides a ticket number.wix email support

  • It takes 10-15 minutes their support team member to get back to you with a solution to your query

If you want to contact Wix directly via email, you can leave your query using the following Wix email button:

WIX Live Chat Support

Live chat is a highly effective customer support feature when it comes to saving customer’s time. A lot of visitors don’t check answers through skimming tutorials or checking any in-app support. They mostly prefer jumping to live chat to get quick response.

Currently, Wix does not have live chat support. But, keeping in view the need of the visitors, it’s planning to launch their Wix live chat support. The final decision to launch this support feature would be dependent on the votes it would receive. If you want Wix to launch this support feature, you can vote for it here:

Social Media

Wix support team can be accessed through various social media channels. It has its community managers who could get you in touch with the right support member. However, if you need urgent help then using these platforms won’t be an effective option. These platform takes more time comparatively when it comes to responding customers. These online communities are at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

i) Facebook

  • You can write your query on Wix Facebook page timeline or send them in a Facebook message
  • They typically take an hour to reply over messenger

Wix Facebook Pageiii) LinkedIn

  • You can use LinkedIn to get in touch with the customer support representative directly
  • Go their LinkedIn page
  • Click the link to view their employees
  • Search for customer support representative within the company
  • Send them a connection request
  • Once they accept your connection request, send them your query via a LinkedIn message

Wix LinkedIn Pageiv) Twitter

  • You can tweet your query @WixHelp
  • Their customer support team member will reply you
  • Their reply may take a few hours on this platform

Wix Twitter Pagev) Instagram

  • Get in touch with Wix customer support team through Instagram
  • You can send your query via message or through email on this platform

Wix InstagramConclusion

Wix always prefers to use their “Help Center” to access extensive knowledge base prior to reaching out their customer support representatives via call, email or social media.

After using the help center, if you still feel your query is not being answered, you can choose other channels.

However, different channels take different time to provide you with help, you can use them accordingly.

Help Center is there to provide you quickest help without any wait. Callback comes on second which takes a few minutes, follow by e-mail reply. However, social media platforms can take the longest.