Wix vs godaddy

Founded in 2008, Wix has over 150 million users across the globe. This website builder is known for its stunning templates, user-friendly platform, an extensive app store and more. GoDaddy, on the other hand, was founded in 1997. It has over 18 million customers worldwide.

A Wix competitor, GoDaddy is a known domain and web hosting service. GoDaddy offers website building services as well.

If your research has brought you to the point where you need to choose between these two, then this blog is for you. Keep reading as this blog is on a 9-point, detailed comparison between Wix and GoDaddy.

Wix Vs. GoDaddy: Quick Pros & Cons

wix logogodaddy logo
  • Wix has both Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) and beginner-friendly unstructured editor
  • Wix has a collection of over 500 templates that cover almost every imaginable industry
  • It has an extensive app store consisting of 250+ apps
  • Wix customer support offers:
    ❖ Phone Call (Callback)
    ❖ Help Center (Knowledge base)
    ❖ Email
    ❖ Submit a ticket
    ❖ Social Media
  • It offers a free version as well as seven premium plans. The most popular plan is “Unlimited” plan
  • GoDaddy creates a website using ADI (Artificial Design intelligence) only

  • GoDaddy ADI creates themes based on the given website information

  • Godaddy does not have an app store

  • Godaddy offers customer support through:
    ❖ Phone Call
    ❖ Unlike Wix, it does offer live-chat support
    ❖ Help Center
    ❖ Forum (Community)

  • It does not offer any free plan. Though you can start off with a 14-day free trial after which you will need to purchase one of its four premium plans
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Ease of use

wix logogodaddy logo
Beginner-friendly unstructured editor
Can also create a website using Wix ADI
Develops sites using ADI only


Wix has a beginner-friendly editor that is based on drag and drop layout. Moreover, having an unstructured editor gives Wix an edge over other website builders. You get more control over designing your site. You can create almost any design when there is an unstructured editor with drag and drop facility.

Apart from Wix unstructured editor, you can create your website using Wix ADI (Artificial design intelligence). Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to create your website in minutes.

To create a website with Wix ADI, you just need to enter certain information regarding your website and how you would like it to be seen (color, theme, etc.).

After the completion of the site, you can still edit the site. However, editing is limited. 


Unlike Wix, GoDaddy does not have an unstructured editor, which means no freedom to design.

GoDaddy is designed on the same layout as Wix ADI. It uses artificial design intelligence to create a site based on the given information provided by you. You can still do a bit of (limited) editing on the site.


Though Wix editor gives you more design control, it is a bit complex as compared to Wix ADI or Godaddy ADI. Since, both the site builders have artificial design intelligence services, so the point goes to both when it comes to ease of use. It’s a tie!


wix logogodaddy logo
There are over 500 templates to choose from; however, you cannot change a template without losing all of your contentUnlike Wix, you don’t get the freedom to choose the theme from a number of templates

Wix Website Templates

Wix has an amazing collection of templates. It has around 500 templates covering:

  • Business
  • Online Store
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Music
  • Design
  • Restaurants & Food
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events
  • Portfolio and CV
  • Blog
  • Health and wellness
  • Beauty and Hair
  • Fashion and Style
  • Community and Education
  • Creative Arts
  • Landing Pages

Though all the templates are professionally designed, there are some which are more popular than others such as:

  • Coming soon landing page
  • Vintage car garage
  • Traveller Blog
  • Family photographer
  • Food Blog
  • Construction Company

To read more on Wix templates, Click here

GoDaddy Website Builder Templates

GoDaddy creates websites using artificial design intelligence. Templates which are then made are based on the information provided by you.

So, unlike Wix Editor, you cannot choose your own template from hundreds of professionally designed templates.


Wix Editor is a clear winner here. You can choose the template you find most suitable for your website. Moreover, the editor would let you edit the template to the extent that you could have an entirely new template. On the other hand, GoDaddy does not give you enough freedom to completely design your own template.

App store

wix logogodaddy logo
Wix app store contains 250+ appsGoDaddy does not have an app store


Wix has an extensive app store having around 250+ apps. It keeps updating its app market on a regular basis. That means the number of apps will keep growing with time.

wix app market
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/app-market/main)

You can search apps according to different categories such as business apps (Blogs, booking, events, hotels and travel, music, restaurants, online store and photography), chat, design tools, forms, social, video or marketing tools.

Some of these apps are free while others are paid.


When it comes to the app store, GoDaddy does not have one. Though integration is possible with apps like ChowNow and OpenTable and others. The need for an app store cannot be denied however.


The point goes to Wix for having an extensive app store. Whereas, GoDaddy needs to work on establishing an app market.

Customer Support

wix logogodaddy logo
Wix offers extensive customer support through:  
Help Center (Knowledge Base)
Call Back
Submit a Ticket
Social Media
Godaddy provides the customer support through:  
Help Center
Phone Call
Live Chat


Wix offers customer support through multiple customer support touch points such as:

  • Help Center
  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Submit a ticket
  • Social Media
  • On-Page Help

Wix has a comprehensive knowledge-base. You can find the answer to almost any question using the help center search bar. Just enter the related keyword and you will get the answer.

If you still don’t get the answer with help center, you can have a call with Wix customer representative or send them an email. To use phone call support, you will have to book a callback first.

Though help is available through social media as well, it is the slowest. So, if you need the quickest reply then social media support would not be a suitable option. Wix does not offer live chat customer support either.


Just like Wix, GoDaddy has a help center. By entering your query in the search bar, you can access its comprehensive knowledge base.

GoDaddy also provides a 24/7 phone call facility. Unlike Wix, you can directly make a call to the support team and then wait for them to call you back. This website builder’s help number in the US is +1 4804638389. For other numbers, click here.

Offering live chat support is a plus point for GoDaddy as Wix does not have this feature yet.

Another feature that Wix does not have is “Forum”. GoDaddy provides a forum facility, where users can share questions and others can comment based on their experience.

Unlike Wix, GoDaddy does not offer on-page help.


It’s a tie since both offer customer support through multiple touchpoints. Though some features being offered by Wix may not be offered by GoDaddy and vice versa.


wix logogodaddy logo
Wix has built-in SEO features such as editing meta tags and URL slugs, etc.  
Wix SEO Wiz would create a personalized SEO plan based on your given information
Just like Wix, GoDaddy also has SEO Wiz  
It would also let you edit meta tags and URL slugs


Wix basic SEO features would let you edit meta titles, meta descriptions, URL slugs and header codes.

Wix SEO Wiz provides you with a step-by-step personalized SEO plan. SEO Wiz would require the following information:

  • Website Name
  • Business Purpose
  • How do you define your business through keywords

SEO Wiz is free. If you don’t know anything about SEO, then SEO Wiz would be a great feature for you.

Other SEO supporting apps are also available in the Wix app market, which can help you rank better on search engines.


GoDaddy’s SEO Wiz will also let you edit meta titles, meta descriptions and URL slugs. However, this is where the similarities between Wix and GoDaddy SEO ends as the latter does not have apps to support SEO. Though you may find the built-in SEO support quite comprehensive. 


Wix wins due to its extensive app center, containing many SEO apps to help you rank better on Google and other search engines.


wix logogodaddy logo
Wix ShoutOut would help you create emails and newslettersGoDaddy has a built-in email marketing feature; however it is not free


With Wix you can create your email account using G suite.

Wix also has an app named Wix ShoutOut that lets you create beautiful emails and newsletters. You can easily share them via social media. Wix ShoutOut has some amazing features such as:

  • Beautiful Professional Templates
  • Customizable Styles
  • Easy Contact Integration
  • Stats Tracker (Track Engagement Metrics)
  • Social Media Tools


GoDaddy has built in email features. It has also integrated a newsletter solution for email marketing but you will have to pay extra for this feature, apart from paying monthly subscription charges.


It’s a tie since both offer good email marketing support. 


wix logogodaddy logo
You can sell physical and digital products through Wix online store. You can also sell your services using Wix booking app  
There are multiple payment methods that you can add to your online store such as Paypal, Stripe, Square etc.
You will have to purchase the most expensive plan to set-up an online store with GoDaddy
Limited payment methods such as Paypal and Donation button


Wix has amazing online store features such as:

  • Freedom to sell physical as well as digital products
  • Sell services through Wix booking app
  • No transaction fee
  • Track conversions and other metrics
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Mobile app for online store management
  • Easy stock management
  • Discounts and coupons

Moreover, Wix supports multiple payment methods such as:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Wirecard, etc.


GoDaddy would let you either add a Paypal button or donation button. Furthermore, for the online store purpose, you will have to purchase the most expensive GoDaddy plan.


Wix is the winner as it offers many options for online store or ecommerce projects. GoDaddy needs to add more features to support ecommerce.


wix logogodaddy logo
It has built-in blogging tools  
Wix Blog app opens other blog features
GoDaddy lacks many blog features such as RSS feed, adding multiple authors or edit SEO settings


Wix has built in blogging tools such as blog posts, feed, galleries, etc. However, it still does not let you add social media bars or lists.

With the Wix blog app, you can unlock many blog features such as:

  • RSS
  • Beautiful layout
  • Tons of built-in social features
  • Rich text editor
  • Comment management
  • Categories
  • See what other members are doing
  • Add multiple writers
  • And many more..


GoDaddy has very basic blog features. Unlike Wix, it does not let you create RSS. Meaning your readers won’t be able to subscribe to your blog. Furthermore, you won’t be able to add multiple authors. You won’t be able to edit SEO settings as well.


GoDaddy is not really meant for blogging. On the other hand, Wix has really good blog features. So, if your basic purpose is blogging, you need to go with Wix.


wix logogodaddy logo
Offers free plan along with seven other premium plans  
Its “Unlimited plan” that costs around $12.50, is the most popular premium plan. It is aimed at freelancers and entrepreneurs
GoDaddy does not have a free plan but it comes with four premium plans

Wix Cost

Wix offers a free plan along with seven premium plans.

  • Connect Domain (For basic purpose)
  • Combo (Meant for personal use)
  • Unlimited (Primarily for entrepreneurs and freelancers)
  • VIP (For priority support)
  • Business Basic (Enables you to accept online payments)
  • Business Unlimited (Grow your business with advanced e-commerce features)
  • Business VIP (Get full e-commerce suite)
wix pricing table
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website#/)
wix premium plan
(Credit: https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website#/)

If you can afford to pay Wix annually or biannually, you will get the following discounts:

pricing table comparison

GoDaddy Website Builder Cost

GoDaddy offers four premium plans. 

  • Basic (For personal use)
  • Standard (For entrepreneurs/new businesses)
  • Premium (For growing businesses)
  • Ecommerce (For ecommerce purposes or selling online)
godaddy pricing plan
godaddy website builder pricing plan
(Credit: https://godaddy.com/websites/website-builder/plans-and-pricing)


Wix offers seven premium plans, plus a free plan. GoDaddy has four premium plans to offer with no freebee. That means Wix offers more value for money.


To sum up, if you want to create a website that would need a lot of tweaking and a high level of customization, go with Wix. GoDaddy will be your best bet if you don’t have time to design your own website but still want a simple and sleek website. Though the same can be said for Wix ADI.

Simply put, it boils down to control – do you want to control your website’s design yourself or let the website builder do it for you? For the former, go with Wix Editor and for the latter go either with GoDaddy or Wix ADI.

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