Wix and Squarespace both are big names in website building to help you establish an online presence in the best possible ways. Moreover, It does not matter whether you are a developer, an entrepreneur or a salon owner, both website builders give you the freedom to build and customize your sites like an expert.

However, the question arises which website builder is best suited for you? Well! with over millions of users, both sites have their own pros and cons. Unlike other comparisons on Wix and Squarespace, this article is unbiased to any of the mentioned builders. So, choose wisely that suits your expertise and requirements.

Wix vs Squarespace
➤ One of easy to use editors available in the market. Unstructured editor ➤ Easy to use but it has a structured editor
➤ Has 500+ templates, However, it can not be changed without losing the content ➤ Have 70+ templates. These are quite complete and professionally designed templates. It can be changed at any point of editing
➤ Has its own app store with more than 200 apps ➤ Does not have its app store, however, it has quite complete built-in tools
➤ Has great built-in SEO features. A free app “SEO-WIZ” provides personalized SEO plan. ➤ Has great built-in SEO tools
➤ Does not have a cart recovery feature ➤ Has cart recover built-in feature
➤ Has built-in blogging tools, you can add only text, video or images. However, you can use “Wix blog” a free app to unlock other blogging tools ➤ It is considered ideal for blogging as it has great blogging tools built-in
➤ It has following multiple touchpoints for customer support

  • Phone (Squarespace does not have this facility)
  • Email
  • Help Center
  • Social Media
  • Submit a ticket
➤ It has following touchpoints for customer support

  • Live chat (Wix does not offer this feature, however, it is planning to launch it after collecting voting for this feature)
  • Email
  • Webinars
  • Forum
  • Help center
➤ Wix offers a free plan and seven other paid plan which are quite reasonable comparatively ➤ It does not offer any free plan, however, it offers 14 days trial and four paid plans

1. Wix Vs Squarespace: Ease of Use

Wix Vs Squarespace Use
➤ Can drag and drop elements anywhere ➤ You don’t have the freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere
➤ A high degree of control that you can build a totally new website ➤ It’s more curated in nature
➤ More intuitive editor ➤ Less intuitive editor
➤ Would not let you edit code. ➤ Could open up the codes and let you change from everything from header to footer.
➤ Having a preview system ➤ Does not have preview system and all changes get saved and could be viewed by visitors in real-time


Wix is a beginner-friendly site. Anyone with no technical expertise can create and edit his website. Moreover, it provides a high degree of control that you can build an entirely new website by changing an already existing template. You can drag and drop the elements anywhere you want on the site. It also guides you if you take any element out of the gridline. Moreover, It has an intuitive editor helping you at every point of editing. Its preview function allows having a look at the site before publishing the changes.

wix platform

Here is bad news, it would not let you edit the codes. However, it provides an overwhelming number of elements and other editing facilities that you could edit everything using the Wix. It also has a built-in mobile editor.

Another interesting feature of Wix is an artificial design intelligence. It would help you create a complete website using artificial intelligence. All you need to give Wix instructions about how you want to see your site including name, purpose, theme, elements and many more. It will create a website more close to your preferences. And, after that, you can still edit it to make changes with the time and according to your taste.


Squarespace does not give the freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere you want on your site. It is more curated and helps you structure your site in a more polished way. However, its editor is less intuitive comparatively. And, it does not have a built-in mobile editor and it only lets you change mobile information bar.

Squarespace platform

Unlike Wix, Squarespace lets you edit the codes that you could change everything from header to footer. It does not have a preview system and all changes get saved and could be viewed by visitors in real-time. When it comes to the number of elements, it is comparatively less as compared to Wix.


Wix is more beginner-friendly and would give you more control while editing. Moreover, if you don’t know how to code then Wix is the answer for you. Whereas, Squarespace is curated in nature but gives you the freedom to edit codes and customize your site.

2. Templates: Designs and styles

➤ Has more than 500 templates ➤ Has over 70 templates but pretty much complete
➤ You can not change your theme without losing all the content ➤ Sleek modern layout
➤ There is built-in mobile editor in it ➤ Can change your theme at any point of editing
➤ Allow you to change only the mobile information bar


Wix has more than 500 templates. That means you can choose from a variety of themes that best suits your business needs. No matter if you have a business, a restaurant or you want to showcase your creative arts, Wix template library caters around 15 broad industries. But, here you need to choose it wisely because once you start changing and editing a template you can not change it without losing all your content. These templates with the professional look are fully mobile responsive.

wix templates


Squarespace has over 70 templates but these are quite complete. However, their look and feel are monotonous. One plus point of using Squarespace is you can change the template at any point of website building without losing any content. Its templates are mobile as well as tablet responsive.

squarespace template


You have more options in Wix when it comes to choosing a template. These templates cover almost every imaginable industry. But, once you have chosen a template and started editing then there won’t be any option to change it. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive template then Squarespace is there for you, where you can change it afterwards!

3. Tools and Apps

Tools and Apps
➤ Has an overwhelming number of tools ➤ Has some of the best tools in the market
➤ Has its own app store having over 200 apps ➤ Unlike Wix, it does not have any app store


Wix has an overwhelming number of tools. Moreover, it has its app store comprises of more than 200 apps. That means Wix offers a complete solution to all website building requirements.

wix app market


Though Squarespace does not have a large number of tools or any tool store. However, it has some of the best built-in tools available in the market.


Both have their perks and benefits when it comes to tools. Though Wix has its tool store, Squarespace has complete in-house tools that your website would need. Squarespace gets an edge here!

4. SEO: Rank the website

wix vs squarespace seo tools
➤ It has built-in SEO features including rapid load time, mobile-optimized, instant Google indexing, secure hosting and many more ➤ Has great built-in SEO tools including a site map, SSL certificate, clean HTML mark-up, automatic tagging, clean URLs and many others
➤ “SEO-WIZ” a free app can provide you personalized SEO plan

Both websites have excellent built-in SEO tools including mobile responsive pages, optimized headings, metadata and alt text images


Wix has the following built-in SEO features:

  • Rapid Load time
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Instant Google Indexing
  • Secure Hosting
  • Structured data
  • XML sitemap
  • Robust.txt file
  • Canonical URLs
  • Default Meta Tags

Wix also offers SEO guides specially designed for beginners. These guides encompass helpful information regarding how to set up your site’s SEO. Moreover, it provides “Wix SEO Wiz” for personalized step by step plan to follow. All you need to do is enter your site name, the purpose of your site and describe your business by adding keywords. There you go. Wix will do the rest.

wix seo plan


Squarespace has following built-in SEO features:

  • Site map
  • SSL certificates
  • Clean HTML Markup
  • Automatic tagging
  • Clean URLs
  • Automatic redirects
  • Search engine and page descriptions
  • AMP
  • Google rich image search for products
  • Built-in mobile optimization
  • Built-in meta tags


Both website builders are equally suitable for SEO. However, SEO-WIZ is an amazing feature especially for those who know a little about SEO. It gives you a step-by-step personalized SEO plan within minutes.

5. Ecommerce: Sell Online

Ecommerce plan
➤ Has inexpensive ecommerce plans as compared to Squarespace ➤ Provides abandoned cart recovery support
➤ Supports a range of payment methods ➤ Can sell physical and digital products as well as services
➤ Can sell physical and digital products (could use Wix booking apps to sell services)

Wix and Squarespace both facilitate online stores and have amazing tools to sell your products. Though both these website builders have positives and negatives regarding online store building, however, overall these two have the following commonalities:

  • Both do not charge any transaction fee except Squarespace business plan
  • You can sell both physical as well as a digital product
  • Allow you to track conversion rate and other metrics
  • Customer can build his/her account for online store
  • Both provide a mobile app to manage your store
  • You can sell an unlimited number of products. No restriction!
  • Discount vouchers and coupons are available to offer
  • Calculators are available (e.g. for shipping and taxes)
  • Stock Management


When it comes to payment methods, Wix offers a wider range which includes the following:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Many more

If we compare the price, Wix offers inexpensive e-commerce plan as compared to both of Squarespace online store plans.  Moreover, there is “Wix Stores” which is an official e-commerce app in the Wix app store. Not only this, there is “Wix Art Store” if you would want to sell digital or physical art online.

You can sell only digital and physical products through Wix. However, you can use Wix booking apps to sell the services.


One of the must-have tools that Squarespace offers is “Abandoned cart recovery”, which apparently Wix does not offer. Moreover, unlike Wix, you can sell digital and physical products as well as services through Squarespace online store.

Squarespace offers the following two payment methods:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal

It offers three e-commerce plans. The first one seemed to design mainly for merchandising purposes and sell a few items. However, the other two plans are mainly focused to build online stores.


Both are equally suitable to add e-commerce to your site. However, Wix offers more payment methods. However, if you want to create a full-fledged e-commerce site then you must consider using Shopify for this purpose.

6. Blogging: Share your thoughts

➤ Has built-in blogging tools including blog posts, galleries, feed and blog templates ➤ It is considered ideal for blogging purposes
➤ Can not add anything other than images, videos and text ➤ All great blogging features are built-in including multiple author contribution, social sharing, category support, scheduling posts and many more
➤ To unlock other important feature, it offers free blogging app i.e. “Wix Blog”


Wix has built-in blogging tools including blog posts, galleries, feed and blog templates. Though you can add images, videos and text, however, there are limitations to add social media bars or lists. To add more features Wix provides a free blogging app i.e. “Wix Blog” that can unlock other important blogging features such as

  • RSS feed
  • Beautiful layout
  • Tons of built-in social features
  • Rich text editor
  • Comment management
  • Categories
  • See what other members are doing
  • Add multiple writers
  • Social Sign-up (Readers would be able to sign-up via Facebook, Google or email)
  • Hashtag your post to increase social reach
  • Advanced SEO settings
  • Great mobile experience- Manage your blog on the go
  • Easy Search
  • Embed HTML
wix blog


Squarespace is ideal when it comes to blogging. It has all the great features built-in in its editor. These features include:

  • Multiple authors contributions
  • Social Sharing
  • Category support
  • Customizable URLs
  • Setting members permission
  • Setting a time limit  for comments
  • Scheduling posts
  • Adding excerpts
  • Adding a location to posts

Moreover, Squarespace is meant for high-quality photography and graphic designs. If we look at the downside of Squarespace blogging, its blog post editor is not super intuitive.


If you want to start a site solely for blogging purpose, you can consider using Squarespace. It has all that you need such as multiple author contributions, scheduled sharing and category support and much more. However, you can do even good if you add Wix blog app to your site.

7. Customer Support: Get help

Customer Support
➤ Wix provides help through its extensive customer support
i) Help center
ii) email
iii) ticket
iv) Phone call
v) Social media
➤ However, help is available through
i) Webinars
ii) Forum
iii) Help center
iv) email
v) Live Chat (Real-time conversation and immediate answer)
➤ There is no live chat facility available ➤ Squarespace does not provide help through phone call


Wix has its help center that is comprised of an extensive knowledge base. It covers almost everything that you may need help with. Just enter the keywords and find the solution to your query in the form of article, video tutorials and guides. Wix always prefer to use their help center before you use any other way to ask the question.

wix help center

However, if you still need more help or you want to get in touch with the support representative you can use:

i) Email

ii) Submit a ticket

iii) Phone call (It offers 24/7 phone call facility in the English language)

iv) Social media

There is no live chat facility available yet. However, Wix is working on providing this facility and collecting votes for this feature.


Just like Wix, Squarespace has a help center. You need to enter keywords and find help in the form of guides, blogs or tutorials. However, its knowledge base is not considered as much extensive as Wix’s knowledge base.

squarespace help

Squarespace does not provide help through a phone call. However, the following are other effective ways for customer support

i) Webinars

ii) Forum

iv) Email

v) Live Chat (Real-time conversation and immediate answer)


Both have strong customer support. Whereas, Wix is missing important customer support feature that is “Live-Chat”. However, it is working on launching this feature. On the other hand, Squarespace does not offer phone call facility. Now, It totally depends on you which method of support you prefer.

8. Squarespace Vs Wix Pricing: Pay for the best

Squarespace Vs Wix Pricing
➤ Wix offers a free plan ➤ Squarespace does not offer any free plan and offer only 14 days trial
➤ It offers a premium as well as business premium plans. ➤ It offers four different paid plans
➤ Total it offers seven paid plan

How Much Does Wix Cost Per Month?

Wix offers a free plan which gives an edge over other paid website builders in terms of pricing. Other than that it also offers comparatively inexpensive seven paid plans with upgraded features. However, the most popular one is its “Unlimited” plan which is mainly designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Wix Pricing
Wix Pricing business plan

The following table shows Wix monthly and annually plans, and how much you can save if you pay annually or for 2 years.

Wix Pricing saving chart


Unlike Wix, Squarespace does not offer any free plan. However, it offers a free trial for 14 days. That means you have only 14 days to explore what you can do with it to establish your online presence. After 14 days you can upgrade your plan according to your requirements. It offers four paid plans. However, the most popular plan is its “Business” plan.

Squarespace Pricing plan

The following table shows Squarespace monthly and annual plans and how much you can save if you avail annual plan. However, currently, Squarespace does not offer any 2-year plan.

Squarespace Pricing comparison


Wix free plan gives an edge over Squarespace. It gives you the freedom and time to build your website and then upgrade it according to your need. Moreover, It offers seven premium plans and it’s quite inexpensive as compared to Squarespace. However, Squarespace plans offer extra features comparatively. Again, it depends on you which website builder is budget-friendly for you and which features you may need for your plan.


So which one is the most effective website builder? As I have mentioned in the start, this post is an unbiased comparison. The mission of this post was to give you general insights about both the website builders. So, it is totally up to you to decide which suits best for your plan and budget.

If you are looking for a free website builder or just need to develop an inexpensive basic website, then Wix is there for you. It gives you much control and facilitates you with its extensive app store. Moreover, if you don’t know the “C” of coding then you will love the Wix which has provided almost every editing without coding.

On the other hand, if you want to build a high functionality website and budget is not an issue then, you might want to go with Squarespace. Its structured editor and built-in complete tools would let you build the website confidently. Moreover, if you are a developer and want to make changes according to your choice and taste with your coding skills, Squarespace lets you edit the site accordingly.

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