Both Wix and Weebly are website builders with growing popularity. Wix was established back in 2006 and now has around 150 million users. On the other hand, Weebly has 45 million users headquartered in San Francisco.

Which is the best website builder for you? These platforms have some similarities and differences, however, it depends on you which features you need and what you prefer when it comes to website building.

➤ Highly beginner-friendly and unstructured editor. It gives you a high level of control and freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere you want ➤ Beginner-friendly editor. However, the editor is structured and does not give you the freedom to drag and drop the elements
➤ Wix has over 500 templates. However, you can not change it later without losing all the content ➤ Weebly has around 50 professionally designed templates. You can change it on any stage of editing without losing any content. Also, you can import your own designed theme with Weebly
➤ Wix app store has around 253 apps. Some of them are free and others are paid ➤ Weebly app store has 371 apps. Just like Wix, there are free and paid apps as well
➤ It provides SEO-WIZ that provides you personalized SEO plan within a matter of minutes ➤ It helps you throughout the process of website building if there is anything that needs to be optimized
➤ It offers built-in blogging tools. However, these would let you add only images, videos and text. To unlock other features if offers “Wix Blog”, which is a free blogging app ➤ Its built-in blogging tools are quite complete and would let you do much more creative while blogging
➤ Wix has following touchpoints for customer support:
– Help Center
– Phone
– Email
– Social Media
– Submit a ticket
➤ Weebly has following customer support touchpoints:
– Help Center (Not as much extensive as Wix help center)
– Forum
– Webinar
– Live Chat (Not available in Wix)
– Phone Call (For Premium Account holder)
➤ Wix Shoutout is there to help you develop beautiful professional email campaigns ➤ Just like Wix Shoutout, Weebly Promote helps to build amazing email campaigns that help to ensure repeated business
➤ It offers a free plan and seven paid plans. However, it is comparatively inexpensive ➤ Just like Wix, it offers a free plan. However, it only offers four paid plans

1. Ease of Use

➤ Has beginner-friendly editor ➤ Has beginner-friendly editor
➤ Has unstructured editor. Can drag and drop elements anywhere ➤ Has structured editor. Does not give freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere you want
➤ Does not let you edit code ➤ You don’t need to be a developer to create a website through Weebly, just like Wix
➤ Wix ADI can help you develop a complete website using artificial intelligence


When it comes to the editor, Wix is highly beginner-friendly. Its unstructured editor gives you the freedom to drag and drop the elements anywhere on the page. So, here you have no restriction to the extent that you could create an altogether new template using your creativity.

Moreover, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create a website when using Wix. That means even if you are not a developer you can create a full-fledged professional website.

Not only this, even if you are not having any idea regarding how to design a website that best suits your business needs, Wix is right there for you. Wix has an interesting feature i.e. Wix artificial design intelligence (ADI), which creates a complete website for you. You just need to enter a few details including your website name, business purpose, theme and elements etc. and let the Wix do the rest for you. Once your website is built using Wix ADI, you can still edit your site if you wish!

However, If you edit desktop version of the Wix website, it will not get updated on its mobile version. For that reason, you need to go to the mobile editor and make the same changes. This becomes a tedious work where you have to do the same changes twice.


Unlike Wix, Weebly’s editor is more structured that makes editing the website a more rigid experience. You can not drag and drop elements anywhere you want to. However, it could be considered a positive aspect as it helps to drop elements at sensible places helping you with aligned elements on your website. So, it depends on you whether you like the freedom to drag and drop the elements or you don’t have any issue with the structured editor.

Just like Wix, you don’t need any technical experience. All you need to use the editor to create your website. It does not allow you to edit the code as well.


Both websites are equally easy to use while creating your websites. Moreover, both Wix and Weebly have an intuitive editor. However, Wix ADI gives Wix an edge over Weebly, where Wix could create a complete website with the help of artificial intelligence.

2. Templates- Design & Style

➤ Offers over 500 templates. It covers almost every industry ➤ Has over 50 templates with 5 to 10 variants (Industries)
➤ Can also create your own theme using a blank template ➤ Can also import your own theme in Weebly


Wix has over 500 templates to choose a design from. You can search and choose a template that best suits your industry or category. All these templates are carefully designed by highly professional developers. Also, Wix let you create your theme from scratch by providing blank templates. Moreover, all the templates are mobile responsive.

However, you have to choose the template consciously because you won’t be able to change it on later stages otherwise you could lose all your edited content.


Weebly has over 50 templates with around 5 to 10 variants.

These variants are:

  • Online store
  • Business
  • Portfolio
  • Personal
  • Event
  • Blog
  • Others

All these templates are designed professionally where high quality is the priority. Unlike Wix, Weebly makes it easy to choose a theme by offering a preview of the templates right at the start. Moreover, it allows you to change the template at any stage of editing without losing any content.

However, there are theme limitations when it comes to customization. For example if we choose one colour then Weebly would apply that colour shades on every page of the site. Though there should be freedom to change the colour of an individual element. You can not even edit the footer background, however, you can perform this task using your coding skills.

Another interesting facility that Weebly offers is importing themes. You can upload your own custom theme using a format provided by Weebly. The format details are as follow:

  • Your theme in a zip file
  • Template layout data in a file called index.html
  • Style information in a file called main_style.css
  • A file containing the images of your theme
  • All files must be in the root directory of your zip archive. Any files in a subdirectory will not be imported


Though Wix has 500+ themes, however, changing the theme at any point of editing without losing any content gives Weebly a point here. Moreover, importing your own theme is something that Wix does not offer but Weebly does!

3. App Store

➤ Wix has 253 apps in its app store called “Wix App Market” ➤ Just like Wix, Weebly also has an app store that is comprised of 371 app.
➤ These are free as well as paid apps ➤ Some of them are paid and others are free

Both website builders Wix and Weebly offer their customers an app store to make their website complete from almost every aspect. An interesting fact is that these two are the only general-purpose website builders to have an app store. Both paid and free apps are available in their app store.


Wix app store has around 253 apps, which is named “Wix App Market”. It has a wide range of categories to choose an app from including blogs, events, hotels & travel, chat, music, restaurants, marketing tools and many more.


Weebly has its app store too which is termed as “App Center”. It has a wide range of apps, that is around 371 apps in its store. It continues to build and apps in its store. However, unlike Wix, its categories are limited including e-commerce, communications, marketing, social and site tools and features.


Though both sites have an app store and both are quite close in this competition, however, Weebly surpassed Wix by providing more number of apps to its users. But, the good news is both are offering a mix of free and paid apps where quality is not compromised.

4. SEO

➤ Provides SEO through meta titles and optimized headings ➤ Assists you throughout the process of website building, if anything would need to be optimized
➤ SEO-WIZ provides step by step personalized SEO plan


Wix has a lot of arrangements to help you to get your site found on search engines. It provides you with SEO (search engine optimization) support through meta titles and optimized headings. Moreover, it has a user-friendly and convenient optimization interface. Anyone with the least knowledge about SEO could understand it.

If you still struggle with SEO, Wix offers you an SEO guru that is “SEO-WIZ”. SEO-WIZ is by your side that provides step by step personalized SEO plan for your website. All you need to enter your site name, the purpose of business and add keywords to describe what your business does. Now sit back and let “SEO-WIZ” do the rest. The Interesting part is, it is free and instant.


Weebly is not behind when it comes to helping you with SEO. It will assist you throughout the process of website-building if anything would need to be optimized. Although it does not have any tool to automate the SEO.

However, it only lets its users fill out meta tags for web pages. Here it is not possible to track the statistics of usage and traffic coming through using certain keywords. Moreover, you can not use the headline tag while using Weebly


Wix puts efforts to make your site stand-out on the search engine. “SEO-WIZ” has made the process of SEO easy for Wix users. So, Wix does really well with SEO as compared to Weebly.

5. Blog 

➤ Wix has built-in blogging tools but that does not let you add anything other than images, videos and text ➤ Has all the blogging tools built-in and can add every element available in the regular editor
➤ Wix Blog, a free app, let you add other features into your blog


Wix offers built-in blogging tools for your site. These tools include blog posts, feed, galleries and blog templates. However, there are certain limitations, you can add text, images and videos but can not add social media bars or lists.

Here is good news! Wix offers free blogging app for all its plans i.e. Wix Blog. It offers completely mobile responsive eight beautiful layouts. Moreover, it unlocks other important blogging features too, such as:

  • RSS feed
  • Beautiful layout
  • Tons of built-in social features
  • Rich text editor
  • Comment management
  • Categories
  • See what other members are doing
  • Add multiple writers
  • Social Sign-up (Readers would be able to sign-up via Facebook, Google or email)
  • Hashtag your post to increase social reach
  • Advanced SEO settings
  • Great mobile experience- Manage your blog on the go
  • Easy Search
  • Embed HTML


Contrary to Wix, Weebly offers more built-in blogging features. You can not add images, text and videos only but also every Weebly element that is available in its regular editor. You can also create more complex layouts using Weebly.


Both Wix and Weebly seem equally good for blogging. Though, due to more built-in blogging features, Weebly could be considered at par.

6. Customer Support

➤ Wix offers its customer support though:
– Help Center
– Phone Call
– Email
– Social Media
– Submit a Ticket
➤ Weebly offers customer support through:
– Help center
– Live Chat
– Email
– Forum
– Webinars


Wix provides extensive customer support to its users. It has following touchpoints:

i) Help Center

Wix help center has an amazing knowledge base covering almost every possible facet of website building. All you need to enter your query keywords and there you go.

ii) Phone Call 

You can book a callback either by calling on the number that is 1-800-6000-WIX (949) or through using the link

iii) Submit A Ticket

Submit a ticket to get help through email. You can submit a ticket in easy steps using the link

iv) Email

You can send an email directly to Wix customer support at the following email address i.e. if you do not find the answer to your query through any of the above sources.

v) Social Media

Wix also provides help through social media platforms. These platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram  

Currently Wix does not provide any live chat. However, they are collecting votes for this feature and planning to launch it on the basis of votes.


Just like Wix, Weebly has its help center too. However, it is not as detailed as Wix help center. Its knowledge base is comprised of articles, tutorials and guides.

If you do not find help through its help center, you can use their phone call facility. However, its phone call facility is available only for premium account holders.

You can also get in touch with Weebly support representative through touchpoints:

  • Live Chat
  • Forum
  • Social Media
  • Email


Wix knowledge base is so extensive that it always prefers its users to search through it before getting in touch with any representative. Moreover, its 24/7 call facility in the English language for all its users gives an edge. So, overall Wix has developed a strong customer support system. However, Weebly customer support is not weak but it does not come at par comparatively.

7. Marketing

➤ Wix has “Wix Shoutout” that let you professional and beautiful email campaigns ➤ Just like Wix, Weebly has “Promote” that helps and integrate amazing email campaigns with your website


Having a website is not everything. Let your visitors know about you and update them with your recent activities. Wix Shoutout feature helps to send out beautiful emails, newsletter and let you share via social media. Wix Shoutout has amazing following features:

  • Beautiful professional templates
  • Customizable Styles
  • Easy Contact Integration
  • Stats Tracker (track engagement metrics)
  • Social Media Tools

It has made email marketing beautiful, professional and stress-free.


Just like Wix, Weebly’s Promote tool helps develop and integrate amazing email campaigns with your website. It has the following interesting features:

  • It syncs automatically to Weebly
  • Customizable ready-made layouts
  • Simple drag and drop builder
  • Auto-convert to mobile responsive
  • Reports showing open and click (track the email stats)


Both the website builders offer great marketing facilities. These are quite close when it comes to marketing. However, the social media integration of Wix Shoutout gives Wix an edge.

8. Ecommerce

➤ Wix lets you build online store and provides you amazing facilities including “no transaction fee”, “can sell physical and digital products”, “sell unlimited products” and many more ➤ Can sell physical and digital products as well as services through Weebly
➤ Wix offers multiple payment method including Paypal, Stripe, Square and many more ➤ Provides tax and shipping calculator
➤ Has amazing product presentation ➤ Has added import and export option


Wix lets you build an online store and provides the following facilities:

  • No transaction fee
  • Can sell both physical and digital products
  • Can sell services using Wix booking apps
  • Track conversion rates and other metrics
  • Provides mobile app to manage a store
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Discount and Coupons
  • Shipping and tax calculators
  • Stock management
  • Go Global with multilingual sites

Not only this, Wix facilitates multiple payment methods such as:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Wirecard
  • Offline Payment
  • Many more

Wix has strong product presentation game. You can add images with cool zooming effects or can embed carousel product videos. Moreover, it provides excellent SEO options. Not only this it has also added import and export option.


Weebly offers e-commerce facility in a similar capacity of Wix e-commerce. There was a time when Weebly’s e-commerce game was much stronger than Wix. However, with the time Wix brought a number of improvements that it has come close to Weebly.

On the other hand, Weebly is acquired by Square (Payment Provider) which shows strong e-commerce intention for the future.

Just like Wix, you can sell physical as well as digital products with Weebly online store. Through Weebly, you can also sell services, which is not built-in in Wix. It also includes SEO fields and SSL encryption. Moreover, it provides automatic tax calculator mainly for USA and shipping cost calculator.


Wix and Weebly, both the website builders are equally suitable for e-commerce purpose. Both offer almost the same features. However, unlike Wix, Weebly has a built-in feature to sell services along with physical and digital products.

9. Pricing

➤ Wix offers free plan for unlimited time ➤ Weebly also offers free plan for unlimited time
➤ Apart from the free plan it also offers seven other premium plans ➤ However, it offers four paid plans
➤ The most popular plan is its “Unlimited” plan which is designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers ➤ These plans are relatively expensive
➤ Wix is comparatively inexpensive


Wix offers a free plan which gives an edge over other paid website builders in the market. Other than that it also offers seven paid plans with upgraded features. However, the most popular one is its “Unlimited” plan which is mainly designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Following are the other plans:

  • Connect Domain (For basic purpose)
  • Combo (Meant for personal use)
  • VIP (For priority support)
  • Business Basic (Enable you to accept online payment)
  • Business Unlimited (Grow your business with advanced e-commerce features)
  • Business VIP (Get full e-commerce suite)

The following table shows Wix monthly and annually plans, and how much you can save if you pay annually or for 2 years.


Just like Wix, Weebly offers a free plan to explore and understand the platform properly. However, it only offers 4 premium plans with upgraded features. These four plans are:

  • Connect (Main purpose if to connect to a custom domain)
  • Pro (Considered suitable for a professional website for your business needs)
  • Business (Suitable for managing the business with professional e-commerce tools )
  • Business Plus (Suitable for growing businesses which need advanced e-commerce tools)

Following table shows the prices of these plans and how much you save with yearly and 2 years plan.


Though both website builders offer a free plan that lets you explore the platform, however, Wix offers seven paid plan according to your requirements. Moreover, if we compare Wix Combo plan and Weebly Pro plan (Both offer almost similar features), then Wix is inexpensive comparatively.


If you are a beginner with a low budget and want more freedom while editing your site then Wix is for you. On the other hand, if you want e-commerce or portfolio site and prefer structured editor then Weebly is the answer.

Now you must have a fair idea about which website builder best suits your requirements. I wish you all the best for your website building journey