What is Cavako?

Acquiring traffic and users is expensive and most of them will never convert into sales or leads.
Create urgency for your users to convert by creating highly optimised, time limited, Evergreen
Sales Funnels. Its as easy as the 3 steps below.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Easily set up an Evergreen Deadline Campaign using Cavako. Works with all your website/Landing page builders

Triggers Deadline

Triggers Deadline

Your visitor/User triggers the time limited Deadline Offer by visiting your webpage or by opening your email

Boost Your Sales

Boost Your Sales

Fomo (Fear of Missing out) causes the users to make the purchase. Instant boost in sales.


“Scarcity and the fear of missing out plays a huge role in your marketing success. Whenever possible, inject (truthful) scarcity into your marketing funnels.”

– Pat Flynn

Powerful Features to set up your Evergreen and Product Launch Campaigns

Use our distinctive set of features to create urgency by setting up your unique personalized campaigns

Give your visitors
a reason to buy

Make personalized countdown timers with a powerful editor to match your unique marketing campaigns. These countdowns include :

• Floating bar
• Inline banner
• Inline text 
• Email timer

Choose when to
start your campaign

Setting up triggers gives you the authority to decide how to start a campaign for the visitor. Each individual and can be triggered by:

• Email
Facebook or chatbots
Visiting Website

Cross platform tracking

Cross platform tracking allows you to show the same deadline across multiple devThe countdown timer is synced with email and website pages.

Give your campaign a Deadline

Set a customised deadline for your campaign. Once the deadline is over the same user will never see that campaign again. These deadlines can be:

Day  based
Quantity based
Fixed Date

Keep track of your

Powerful reporting lets you analyze the data on hand and track your progress. It equip you with information that can help you make better informed marketing decisions.

Perfect integration

Connect your Cavako account with multiple platforms and make the most out of your marketing campaigns. You can integrate with tools that you already use to discover new ones.

Use Case

Here are a few ways in which Cavako can be used
to create urgency

Can increase conversions of your online courses by creating a buzz and by taking advantage of your good reviews

Capitalize on your sales by creating urgency special limited offers fo your users for your digital products

Convert your leads into subscribers by giving your users incentive to subscribe to your website or service

You can eliminate customer procrastination by persuading your users to make a purchase through time limited offers

You can create anticipation by setting up offers for your services and using urgency to drive action

You can boost your conversion by creating upsell offers on your monthly or annual subscriptions